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Fic: Convergence (The Losers/Blade: Trinity)

Cover Art for Convergence by seraphina_snape

Title: Convergence
Author: taibhrigh
Artist: seraphina_snape
BigBang: smallfandombang
Fandoms: The Losers/Blade: Trinity
Pairing/Characters: Cougar/Jensen, Hannibal/ Drake, Max, Blade, Wade, Roque
Rating /Category: R/Slash (violence, language, and sexual content)
Genre: Fusion, Alternate Universe, Soulmates, Supernatural
Word Count: 20700
Author's Thanks: Thanks to to tarlanx and siluria for the beta. Thanks to seraphina_snape for the the story art!
An Author's Notes About Timelines: This events in this story take places during a modified timeline of Blade Trinity movie.

Summary: The Vampire King is once again walking the earth. On any other day Hannibal King would try to kill him; today he has to thank him for saving his life. That is, before he turns it upside down.

Jake Jensen has been hiding from himself and doing a pretty good job of it. He hadn't expected to be held captive by vampires; nor had he expected to come face to face with his past. Especially not in front of Cougar.

And that's just the beginning.

Link to Story:
Link to Art:

Tags: character: cougar, character: jensen, genre: au/ar, genre: crossover, genre: slash, rating: r, type: fic, word count: 20000 and up
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