coffee and dreams (taibhrigh) wrote in thelosers_fans,
coffee and dreams

Fic: Splitting to Double Down

Title: Splitting to Double Down
Author: taibhrigh
Fandom: The Losers
Characters/Pairings: Jake Jensen and Cougar
Rating: Gen/PG (for language)
Prompt: chips (#630) (at writers_choice)
Word Count: 1350+
Thanks to: siluria for the quick beta.

Summary: Sometimes downtime isn’t long enough to go home for a visit, so Jake makes the best of wherever they end up and takes whatever advantage he can create. If he’s lucky Cougar’s with him.

Read Splitting to Double Down @ AO3

Tags: character: cougar, character: jensen, rating: pg, type: fic, word count: 1000-4999
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